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Katie was the kind of girl who would do anything to get guys to notice her. She was tan & toned, had full brown hair, a surgically enhanced chest, and bubbly little butt.

As she strolled into the college gym, she garnered stares from everyone she passed.

Guys just “eye fucked” her, while other girls were just disgusted, “who wears that much makeup to the gym!?” one would mumble, or, “I don’t know how she runs with those air balloons on her chest!” another girl would whisper loudly to her friend.

Katie wasn’t just about getting guys to notice her, she’d go out of her way to make sure the guys she liked were obsessing over her. It didn’t matter if she’d end up with them, as long as she had their attention.

Unfortunately for Katie, that also meant Sarah’s boyfriend. Katie didn’t directly know Sarah, but she never cared to. Katie was one of those super bitches who wouldn’t even talk to other girls. Coincidentally, Sarah practiced witchcraft, and on this particular morning, decided it would be a great time to teach Katie a lesson.

Katie, totally unaware of the girl whose relationship she had ruined, got on a treadmill in the front of the gym, the one where everyone could see her billowing D-Cup bust jiggling with her every movement, only to be restrained by her black tank top. Her shiny white gym shorts hugged her waist and draped gracefully over her pronounced ass.

She turned the individual TV on her treadmill on, plugged in her headphones, and began her workout, her implanted chest was hypnotizing as it bobbed up and down with her body. Her brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail, which put even greater focus on her tan cleavage begging to be let free.

Sarah, watching Katie, grimaced and tapped her finger. After about 15 minutes of running, Katie heard a voice through her headphones which was clearly not that of the television.

“Hello Katie.” It said calmly.
“Don’t be alarmed, but if you stop running - you will die.”

Katie, clearly alarmed, threw off the headphones and hit the stop button on the treadmill.
Instantly she felt sick, her temperature started to rise, and she began to hyperventilate. She could literally feel her heart pounding through her chest, and her entire body began to tingle.

Starting to believe there may be some validity in what the voice was saying, she turned the speed back up, and put the headphones on her ears.

“That was weird…” a guy watching her noted.

“I told you not to stop running.” The voice said.
Katie continued to feel sick, she couldn’t figure out what was going on. She looked around the gym for a sign of someone who might be watching her, or controlling this. Nothing.

“You’re going to be punished until you can get your speed back up, Katie.” The voice said in a monotone fashion.

Punished? What the hell did that mean? Katie thought, until she felt a growing pressure directly in her implants. She looked down and almost screamed (albeit, she didn’t have the breath to do so). There she saw each of her already mammoth breasts swelling at a rapid pace.
What was happening to her perfect breasts!? She said to herself grabbing at them, trying to push them back, as if she could stop whatever was happening. They felt sore and tender, and she let go. The tank top squeezed them tighter and tighter, cutting into her growing bust and letting each tit dramatically roll over the sides, her cleavage rising up her chest.
She picked up her pace trying to stop whatever was happening to her enormous globe like bosom, which was now heaving up and down – the inflation stopped. She looked ridiculous, a thin girl with two bouncing volleyball sized tits mashed to her chest, and running.

“Good job Katie.” The voice teased. “Now I’ll explain the rules. Every time you drop below 7 MPH, part of you will inflate.”

“Ok...” she panted to herself... “Ok... keep running...” She was on the verge of utter panic, but couldn’t risk anything else happening to her beautiful body. If she could just get out of this, she could get to the hospital - she’d be all right - as long as she forgot for the moment that she already looked like a FREAK! She sobbed softly to herself, tears running down her cheeks.

Katie’s breathing became ragged. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep up the pace, and, even worse, she was attracting stares from all over the gym. With the headphones in she couldn’t hear what people were saying, but it was pretty obvious that they’d noticed something was badly wrong with her.

“Uh-oh Katie, it looks like you’re slowing down. Maybe this will motivate you…”
Katies eyes went wide as her rear began to swell. Each butt cheek fattening up and widening out.
She thrust her hands behind her and cupped her newly swollen buttocks. She had to fight to keep herself from retching as she felt how big her nicely toned backside had become, trapped and chafing within her spandex shorts.
She tried to keep her pace up as mascara ran into her eyes and made them sting, tracing black lines down her cheeks, she wished she hadn’t put so much makeup on that morning, but there was nothing she could do about that now, in the same way that she couldn’t change how ridiculously tight her tank top and shorts were. She had wanted to show off the figure she had worked and paid for, but now she just wished she could crawl into a hole with her newly inflated assets and cry herself to sleep.

It was no good. She wasn’t going to be able to do it. She was fit, but not that fit. “You’re slowing down again Katie.” the voice taunted her. “You don’t want anything more to happen to your lovely boobs do you?”

“STOP!” shrieked Katie, her voice crying out across the gym, “STOP! I can’t!” She was gasping for air and simply couldn’t bring herself to run any longer. She slammed the control of the treadmill and it stopped. Katie sagged sideways off the machine, pulling the headphones from their socket, and lent awkwardly against the still track.

Two guys walked over, both looked like dumb lumps of muscle, vacant expressions and steroid-induced sculpting. They took in her ridiculously expanded chest hungrily. “Those real?” The first one asked.
Even in her discomfort, Katie couldn’t help being sarcastic, “Yes, they’re real, they’re real fucking implants, and I’m having an allergic reaction. Call a doctor!”

The two dumb stumps stood frozen for a moment, and Katie realized her inaction was having another effect.

“No way!” shouted the one on the left, “Fake lips too!”

Katie put her hand to her mouth, sure enough her beautiful pouty lips were swelling to obscene proportions, but damn it, it wasn’t fair. Her lips weren’t even fake! She caught a glimpse of her visage in the nearby mirror and screamed. She looked like someone had attacked her with a needle of collagen, and the bright red lipstick she’d insisted on wearing, even to the gym, only emphasized it - her lips were beyond cocksucking.

She leapt up, bits and pieces jiggling all over the place and hauled herself back onto the treadmill. There was nothing else for it. She started it up and stuck the earphones back in her ears. “Bad move Katie.” the voice said immediately, “At least you’ll have some padding though!” Before Katie could even begin to ponder what that meant, she could feel it. Her already super tight spandex shorts became even tighter as her once beautiful rear ballooned outwards reaching the size of two large bowling balls in a matter of seconds. Her ass looked severely distended at this point – sticking out straight behind her and continuing to push further away from her back. Katie yelped as she felt her shorts ride up her ass and cause an instant wedgie, “why couldn’t she have worn pants today!?” she thought to herself, pulling at her now skin-tight shorts. Grabbing at her rear felt like groping an overinflated beachball – resilient, and bouncy. Her eyes went wide and she started to turn her head to get a better view of her now ridiculously sized butt. “Safety first Katie! We can’t forget the airbags!” the voice interrupted.

All at once the treadmill came to a stop, as Katie flung forward her breasts inflated to the size of two large beach balls within seconds – pleading to burst free from what was now a seriously warped tank top. Her globular tits collided with the treadmill’s console and echoed a resounding “thump” throughout the gym. As her massive fun bags bounced her backwards, she landed on her now doubly padded ass, bouncing a few times before coming to a complete stop and pulling the headphones free once again. Her tan safety boobs, instantly deflated to their prior size of incredibly fake looking. Acting just like real air bags.

Katie scrambled to her feet, afraid of what might happen next if she didn’t get back up. By now of course the entire gym was watching her – no longer engrossed in their routines. Katie plugged the headphones back in, continuing the show – as nobody deemed the situation serious enough to call for help. Or maybe, they just didn’t want to miss anything.

“Glad to have you back Katie!” the voice mocked her. The treadmill slowly began moving  backwards, “That’s right Katie, backwards, I figured you might want a change of pace!”

Katie couldn’t believe it, she was already so exhausted, walking backwards at any respectable pace seemed impossible now.

The speed was slow at first, but as it picked up it was clear Katie was having trouble balancing with her newly proportioned body, occasionally miss-stepping and heaving her ample chest outwards for a brief moment. All the guys gazing into her glistening bouncing cleavage were praying to just let her tits explode out of the tiny tank top, and each hop she gave was a torturous tease.

“It looks like you could use a little help there Katie?” The voice questioned. “No, I’m fine” Katie whispered under her breath, “don’t fucking do anything.” “I don’t know…” the voice replied, “there’s nothing better than a solid foundation!”

As Katie walked she could feel it once again – this time in her legs. With each step she took she tried to peer over her shelf-like breasts – unfortunately, similar to the planets aligning – this didn’t happen very often.

The first time she got a glimpse, it appeared as though nothing had changed. Her beautiful tan legs looked just as amazing as when she woke up. She couldn’t shake the feeling that they were extremely tight though – as if they were being filled with something.

The next time her legs came into sight, the view had drastically changed – her legs had plumped up considerably. They didn’t look fat– just big and athletic, like a girl on the soccer team.

They swelled and swelled, blimping up at a considerable pace, and starting to spill up and curl over the ends of her deathly tight white shorts. Thickening all the way down to her ankles before stopping. She felt her thighs touch for a brief moment and almost fainted out of complete horror.

She couldn’t call out for help; she was far too out of breath, and no-one volunteered it, because the males in the gym were fascinated by this pneumatic fantasy woman that had suddenly appeared, and the females had all always hated her.

Her thighs squeaked as they rubbed against each other and she bit back a sob. Having grossly inflated tits and ass was bad enough, but at least they were supposed to be rounded, now she was losing her long, beautifully toned legs to the curse of cartoon plumpness, and to make matters worse, it made keeping up the pace even more difficult. Katie pouted her new sausage lips and carried on, only to hear the voice in her ear pipe up again. “Ok, enough walking Katie, I think its time you ran again, but this time we’re going to make things a little different.”

“Just,...” pant... “leave.” puff... “me.” wheeze... “Alone!” Katie managed to gasp out.
“Now where would the fun be in that? You can get off the treadmill for a bit -open your bag.”
Katie wobbled her swollen form onto the floor.

“Now, take out your shoes.”
“I’m wearing them.” she wheezed.
“No, silly, the shoes you came in wearing.”

The realization hit Katie like a freight train. “Oh no.”
“Oh yes. Hurry now, or I’ll plump your pretty little face up.”

Slowly, and with difficulty because of having to work around her inflated body, Katie opened her bag and removed the shoes she had been wearing. Five inch high stiletto heels in a shiny black patent material. They looked designed for a fetish-queen, and Katie ordinarily loved wearing them around, as they molded her legs and butt into an even more enticing curvature and really helped her turn heads. Right now though, knowing what was coming, she wished she’d never laid eyes on the things.

“Ok then, put them on.”
“I’m warning you Katie... I can make you burst, you know.”
“No... no... ok fine.”

Getting the laces of her sneakers untied was incredibly difficult. Her bust kept bobbing up and hitting her in the face when she tried to reach the ends of her legs. Eventually she managed to do it by fumbling about blindly. She kicked the sneakers off then picked up the stilettos.

“And the socks.” Damnit! The last chance for comfort. Without bothering to argue she peeled her socks off with her toes and then forced her already throbbing feet into the pointed, uncomfortable shoes. She had even bought them in a size smaller than she really was, and now, with her feet swollen from running, they bit into her flesh terribly.

Without being asked, she clambered back onto the treadmill, looking ridiculous as her hugely fat legs tapered down into dainty high heels.

“Go Katie! Go!” said the voice. The machine started by itself and she nearly pitched forwards, but she managed to gather herself and began to run, taking one painful, precarious step after another...

“Ok.. Katie, you’ve proved you can handle some heavy cardio – I’m gonna give you a chance to get back to normal.”

“Thank you thank you thank you, please” Katie whispered in response.

“Go back into your bag, and get out your iPod, we’ll continue from there.”

Katie, eager to be back to her slim and stacked beautiful self did as she was told, lunging to the bag in her high heels, and searching for the iPod – Presto! She found it.

“Good job Katie,” the voice half-heartedly mocked her. “Now go over to the seated chest fly exercise and I’ll explain the rules.”

“Oh god - rules” Katie thought to herself, as she sauntered over to the exercise, her overstuffed ample bosom rhythmically bouncing with each difficult step she took (thanks to the heels), her tight shiny white shorts rode up her excessively plump butt which jutted out behind her about 9 inches, revealing the lower half of each cheek, making for some fantastic upside down butt cleavage – which looked equally as hot as breast cleavage, as each of her buttocks were tight – like a balloon filled to the brim.

She took a seat at the exercise, and was positioned at a weird angle, due to her butt – it kind of just made her arch her back more and thrust out her chest.

“Ok Katie… glad to see you made it over here finally... Now let me explain the rules – every time you can do a set of 10 reps, focus on a body part and I’ll make the silicone go away, and you’ll look like you did back to before you ever heard me. And yes Katie that’s right, you’ve been filling with silicone. I figured your body was used to it… However, if you begin a set, and cannot make it to 10 reps – you will be punished 10 fold. So be careful... and don’t get too greedy!! Hahaha…” The voice finished with a creepy trailing laughter.

“Greedy…?” what’s that supposed to mean? Whatever - this doesn’t seem so bad,” Katie thought to herself – she set the exercises to the lowest weight and began her set. Pulling the handles together, and creating two mountains of tit flesh with each rep she breezed through the first set… Instantly she focused on her ass, if she was going to get through this, she wanted to at least be able to sit comfortably.

Within moments, her butt contracted to its original perfect size, and firmness. Katie breathed a deep sigh of relief. Her shorts were still tightly hugging her sausage like legs though – that soon wouldn’t be the case, Katie thought to herself.

Her second set wasn’t as easy as the first (she was starting to get tired) but it was nowhere near difficult. Katie had a shit-eating grin on her face as she flew through the set. Her bulbous breasts separating and squeezing back together was beyond hypnotic to the onlookers. Nothing could stand in her way now! As soon as the she finished the set, she concentrated on her legs. She watched as the silicone appeared to just melt away. Her beautiful tan sculpted legs she had loved so much were back!

“Only one more set, and I’ll be back to my perfect self!” Katie screamed in thought.

Katie took a deep breath, and began her final set. “1…” she counted to herself, after the first rep. “2…”

“You know Katie,” The voice interrupted. “I said I’d make the silicone go away, but I didn’t say where I’d make it go...” Katie tried not to pay attention to the stupid voice, “3…4…” She was almost there!

“Well,” The voice continued, “I hope this doesn’t give you too much trouble!”Katie tried to ignore it, “5…” but she could feel the pressure mounting directly in her bust. Each implant expanded as more and more silicone piled into it.

“6…” The reps were becoming increasingly difficult as the ballooning orbs on her chest pushed back her arms.

“7…” Katie could feel her skin stretching, desperately trying to make more room for the ever-growing implants, it hurt! Her chest pushed out in front of her as it swelled, cleavage rapidly rising out of the neckline of her tank top eagerly racing towards her chin.

“8…” Katie wheezed as she squeezed her zeppelin sized breasts together, “Almost there!!!” she internally cheered to herself – trying to ignore the pain. The tank top began to reach its limits as each breast distended so far, that boob flesh had begun to roll over the top and bottom of the garment.  Albeit, her breasts themselves were stretched so tight, they didn’t sag at all – so full of silicone. The males all watching in shock, took in her still small and beautifully toned stomach, now revealed by Katie’s rising top.

The proportions looked truly ridiculous. As she brought her arms together for number 9 she struggled. The tank top had no room to give, Katie persevered and tit flesh continued to roll above and below the shirt, they bulged dangerously as she squeezed them, forcing more silicone into her upper and lower breasts as her arms increased the pressure on the sides.”9!” Only one more, Katie knew she could make it now!

As she began her final rep, the stitches of the tank top started to give. “POP! SNAP! RIP” (How it had held on this long was a miracle) as she brought her arms together they came to a stop half way. Her tits had become too full, she squeezed and she squeezed, but she couldn’t force it any further. She began to panic, sweat dripped down her face and landed on the shelf her chest had become below...sliding down in between her breasts to help her cleavage shine a little more. “Oh no Oh No oh No!” Katie screamed as she struggled. Her breasts were still growing though!

“SNAP!!!BANG!!!PONG!!!!” The tank top audibly exploded off the growing breasts…and Katie. Her gargantuan tits jiggled uncontrollably defying all gravity as they stuck straight out from her chest.

Luckily she was still somewhat covered up by a now super tight black sports bra, which only seemed to cover the bottom half of her planetary orbs, clamping down just above the nipple, letting loose close to a foot of ample boob overflow.

Unluckily, when her tank top exploded, her giant tits thrust outward (as the tank top had been holding back quite a bit) – and sent her arms flying back – releasing the exercise equipment. Leaving her unable to finish the set.

Katie couldn’t believe it, her perfect tits were completely ruined! “Jeez Katie…” The voice said softly, “looks like you got a little greedy… that’s too bad, really it is.” He mocked. “Please no more! Please!” Katie pleaded. “Don’t worry Katie, hopefully this will lift your spirits!”

Katie didn’t know what that meant until she felt herself rising off her seat – her ass was blowing up at an alarming rate! Each cheek began to stretch and bloat out behind her becoming rounder by the second.

She could feel them swelling or filling rather, almost instantly distending a foot behind her and launching her onto her feet from the exercise. The weight of her newly inflated chest created too much momentum however, and she was only on the stilettos for a brief moment before she landed with a loud “SLAP!” of her breasts hurtling to the floor.

For a moment she thought she had exploded, but luckily her tits were still in one piece. As she lay on her stomach and breasts, her ass continued to balloon outwards, pulling her shorts as tight and tighter than they were before.

“You better get up Katie, if you want this to stop!” the voice chimed in. Katie desperately pushed at the floor trying to lift her enormous chest. The first attempt was useless, besides the fact she was resting on her blimp tits and could hardly reach the floor – she needed to get on her knees!

As her shorts restrained the growth of her monumental ass, the inflation seemly spread to her thighs thickening and filling up with each passing moment until they once again touched (her calves remained small – providing a serious hour glass figure). This didn’t make it any easier for Katie to get to her knees, but she managed to do it.

Pointing her terribly taut and enlarged ass in the air, her shorts ripped open at the crotch, and popped up towards the ceiling before drifting to the floor, revealing a pair of teal lace booty shorts, which had slid up her back, causing a seriously unpleasant wedgie.

Given a new found freedom her butt ballooned hastily–doubling in size, each cheek reaching beach ball volume glory.  Katie summoned all her strength and pushed herself to her feet – desperate to stop her inflating rear.

There she stood. With a sports bra cutting into the biggest, tightest tits known to man, drastically contradicted by a tiny waist wrapped in teal booty shorts leading to the most immense bubbliest apple bottom ass in existence. She looked like a human parade balloon, with a tiny ipod sticking in between her booty shorts and waist. All atop 5 inch stiletto heels.

As Katie looked down at herself, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“At least you have nice abs.” The voice backhandedly joked. “Why don’t we try some crunches?”

“I can’t!” Katie replied sourly. “I can’t even see over my tits, they feel like they’re about to pop, and my ass is gigantic, I’ll never be able to lie down flat.”

“Katie.” The voice responded coldly, “I really think you should do some crunches.”

“Just leave me alone already! I’m all tits and ass. You’ve turned me into a freak show!” She begged.

“I know Katie, I know. I just think you’re going to want to do some crunches if you want to get rid of that stomach.”

“Are you retarded, my stomach is perfect.” Katie replied with an unintelligent confidence, she was sick of the games.

“Fine, don’t do any crunches, but just remember – I told you so.” The voice retorted.

“Just  get me back to normal, I’ll do whatever you want.” Katie commanded. Her bitchy attitude was making itself known, clearly she was in no position to make demands, but she could only take so much before her natural self took over.

“Alright Katie, I’m going to give you one final chance - with the same rules, you can try the seated rowing machine only 1 set though. If you can finish it, I’ll make you back to normal.”

“Ok great.” Katie replied, clearly irritated, assuming she’d be back to normal within the next 5 minutes, jiggled over to the exercise. As she sat down, her immense ass stuck out wildly behind her – large enough for a 6 pack of beer to easily rest on each cheek. Her colossal breasts stood straight out in front of her, hovering above the front pad which met her stomach to provide resistance for the exercise.

With the weight set at the lowest possible, Katie reached out in front of her to grab the handles and begin the exercise. As she pulled the handles closer they slid under her monster breasts, causing them to bounce uncontrollably with each movement.

Two reps in, “Did you really think I was going to let this whole thing end this easily Katie? ” The voice questioned. Katie picked up her pace, her tits wobbling violently. “Like I said before, you’d regret not doing some crunches to get rid of that stomach.”

Katie screamed out, as she felt pressure in her belly, she couldn’t let go of the exercise though – this was her only chance! Her once flat stomach puffed into a soft curve as it began to bloat, expanding into the pad in front of her, and pushing her away from the exercise.

Katie tried to go faster, but it was difficult considering the size of her tits and her growing midsection. She could feel her stomach getting fatter and growing tighter, filling with silicone. As she pulled herself closer with each rep, the silicone was displaced from her now fat stomach and into her already swollen tits and ass.

With each rep her bust and rear pulsed and grew – her skin stretching tighter as her ass and tits filled to their limits. “UGHH” she moaned with each rep. “I can feel my ass growingggggggg! I’m getting too tight!!!!!! Godddddddddd!!!” Katie panicked – she still had 4 reps to go, but the end was looking more and more out of sight.

“I feel like I’m about going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!” Katie screamed and she pulled, and shoved her stomach which was now flowing over and around the pad. “STOP STOPPPP GROWINGGGG!” Katie knew she had to keep going though if she didn’t want to be like this forever! She was almost there!

“My skin is stretching!!! MY ASS IS RIPPPINGGGGGG! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!MY TITTSSSSSSS!!!!”  With one final pull Katie shoved her fat stomach into the exercise for her 10th and final rep, the silicone moving to her tits and ass, they throbbed and grew, her booty shorts exploded off her ass, her sports bra burst free and she swelled and swelled! “I’m GONNAAAA POPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!” BANG BANG BANG! Katie’s ass exploded followed by her over filled tits and stomach.
Story is done. Meh

Also, Big Thanks to BishBot for helping out on this one, this story probably would have died w/out his help!
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Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Revenge inflation, a fine means for balancing the nastiness of her inflated ego. Well done, although Katie's popping at the end was a touch rushed. But getting there you did fine. The varied pace and places of her inflation also worked well, one wasn't certain how she would bloat next. I like, although I seldom Fave inflation tales (I use simple fattening for my effects.)
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
Thanks for the comments!
SlayerSeventeen Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
God i wish this would happen at my gym X3 Great story!
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
haha thanks!
Past-The-Limit Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
This was a magnificent story to read, it had so much excitement in reading it. Loved all the different expanding things, as well as the ending ;)
caddyova273 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2009
Beautiful I absolutely loved it! I love your stories man! Keep up the good work!!!
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2009
lopni Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009  Student Digital Artist
...The hurricane of Katie's rubbery bits filled the room. Flowing like snowflakes they were slowly settling all over.

Just as scraps of Katie were looking for places on the floor, Sarah heard the same voice in her headphones: "Hello, Sarah".
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009
haha nice, I like it.
Inflate123 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Congrats! I know this one was kind of a pain in your butt for a while but I'm glad to see you took it to completion.
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2009
Thanks man, I'm happy its finished. Bishbot and I have started working on our next story which I think will be leaps and bounds better.
bazza170 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
Wow, this is the best story i have ever read!!! Please don't change it.... PLEASE!
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
TheStoryWriter Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
please man dont pop her ive read your other stories. just make this one an exception...please?
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
I'm sorry man, its how I end all the stories. Its not meant to be mean or disgusting, just as a way to end the story.
TheStoryWriter Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
but in all seriousness a little variety seems nice. and this doesn't seem like one that needs of popping ending because of where you left off. it seems like a ruin her life but maybe in the end she might just like it and change her ways kind of thing.
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009
Its not really my style, but we'll see when my co-author gets back to me and how he thinks we should end it.
TheStoryWriter Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
Inflate123 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Just a few suggestions: "waste" should be "waist" when describing her outfit, and I have no idea what "her lips were beyond cocksucking" means.
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2009
Thanks! fixed the waist, and I think "her lips were beyond cocksucking" means, if you see a girl and you think to yourself, "damn, that girl has DSL (dick sucking lips)" - this girls lips are bigger than that. It's Bishbot line, so if I'm wrong maybe he can correct me, but I thought it was an awesome description.
caddyova273 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
Honest to christ man I absolutely love your stories so I know however you do it, it will be great. Kinda like that speed movie isn't it? I was actually contemplating doing a storie based on that. Ya know girl drops below 50 mph, tits blow up, that sort of thing. I just never had the initiative. Either way I can't wait to see the finished product!! Keep up the good work!
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
Thanks man! Speed was exactly the inspiration I used for this story :) Hope you like this "half-release"
Inflate123 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I hope you find your path on this one, because I kind of like the structure. You will easily be able to build tension throughout.
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
Thanks for the comment, I think bishbot and I have create some pretty creative stuff in the rest of the story which I'm pretty excited to release. Just need to work on that ending ;)
wevbn2000 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
haha calm down guys. I'll get to her "tummy" any suggestions for storyline though?
NEEKEEZH Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
WHAT ABOUT HER TUMMY??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
budthebub Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
you sure complain a lot.
NEEKEEZH Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
well, stop doing the boobs and butt and go on with her tummy!
budthebub Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
this wasn't made for you, so you have no right to complain.
NEEKEEZH Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
gigmadesh200 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
It wasn't made for anybody so he has every right to complain
CaligulaClone Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
the correct response is "It wasn't made for anybody but the author so NOBODY has any right to complain"

Nastyguy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Like it so far, makes me think about SAW a little
Uniquename02 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009
Pop her ^^
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